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Welcome to Current E, the independent guide to FIA Formula E.

The site is packed with frank opinion, technical analysis and news on the all-electric sport, due to power off the starting grid in September 2014.

What’s Formula E? A motorsport featuring open cockpit, open-wheeled cars, powered by batteries, racing around city centres worldwide.

Here’s how to use Current E:

1. Analysis: this is where you’ll find our technical explanations, written to be easily understood. Gobbledegook and jargon tread here with fear. Read our guide to the fundamental terminology used in discussing electric racing cars here.

2. Chatter: our round-up of news, blogs and features from trusted and authoritative media sources. We don’t claim to be the sole font of knowledge.

3. Comment: honest, unbiased views on the good, bad and sometimes downright ugly in the electric world of Formula E. We are committed to an impartial and unbiased editorial voice.

4. Features: does what it says on the tin.

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You’ll find the official FIA Formula E site here.

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