Cost caps, calendar and profit on day one

As well as operating budget caps, Formula E has plans in place to avoid bigger teams effectively buying their way to the podium – and is aiming to expand the race calendar to 18 fixtures. That’s according to Formula E boss Alejandro Agag, revealed in an interview with motorsports website Richland F1.

Agag confirmed that manufacturers will be compelled to sell their cars to other teams to keep the championship competitive and to combat untrammelled spending when designing and building race cars, which has proved almost impossible to police in other motor racing series. The series will be open to manufacturers from the second season, starting in September 2015.

On budgets, Formula E promoter Alejandro Agag said: “There are two different budgets. One is the operating budget for the teams, capped at €3million. So you have a limited number of crew. You can only do certain things, you can buy the spare parts at a certain price, you get the tyres from the tyre supplier at a low cost, etc. Then the manufacturing costs, we cannot control. So if somebody decides to spend 100million designing a fantastic car, that we cannot control. But we’ve set a rule so that that team will have to sell the car to another two teams at least at a maximum capped price of 350,000. That avoids an arms race of expenditure and if someone does it, at least you will have three teams with the same car so the championship will be competitive.”

On expanding the race calendar, he continued: “I think the maximum number of races probably down the line will be around 18, between 18 and 20 but I think 18 is a good number.”

And on the business start-up golden target of producing profit in year one, he confirmed: “The way we are going, it looks like we will be making a profit from year one, the way we are going in terms of the sponsorship response.

One thought on “Cost caps, calendar and profit on day one

  1. I am interested in how many constructors threre will be for 2015-16. Drayson and Venturi have said they will produce their own cars, and I presume that an updated Sparks Renault will be available. Then Mahindra and ADT Audi have links to manufacturers, although they have not announced their intentions. More speculatively Super Aguri had links to Honda in the past, will they again for Formula E? Thus we could see 6 constructors for 2015-16. China racing have said they will become a constructor in conjunction with a Chinese EV maker (not identified), but probably not for 2015-16. Thus all constructors will not be able to provide cars for three teams. Also only a few teams are likely to be free to choose any customer car they like, I expect Prost Edams to be linked to Renault and to continue to use the Sparks Renault. Still there should still be enough teams to use a clearly superior car, should one be produced.

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